COVID-19 HAVE model


HAVE model

H for HOST

  • Age
  • Comorbidities
  • Medication

Some of the data on these parameters is getting near to a full picture. However, the data on the Agent/Host interface is considerably lacking,


  • Exposure sources
  • Transmission routes
  • Infectivity
  • Carrier rates in symptomatic cases
  • Asymptomatic carriers
  • Timepoints for :-
    1. Incubation- Exposure to Signs & Symptom (S&S’s);
    2. S&S’s relationships to seroconversions in IgM & IgG;
    3. Seroconversion detection IgM;
    4. Seroconversion disappearance for IgM;
    5. Seroconversion detection for IgG;
    6. IgG persistence and any significance of this;
    7. Do all with proven infections seroconvert?

The notable absence of testing individuals not knowingly infected is preventing full information on Prevalence data as testing is principally only invoked in Incident cases or those highly suspected of having the disease. This remains a flaw in managing this pandemic of Covid-19.

HAVE model

This is a proven & tested model to unravel any infectious disease with filling in data to each component.

  • Host Factors
  • Agent Factors
  • Vector factors
  • Environmental Factors

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